Tuesday, August 23, 2016

When Did This Happen?

My husband and I were preparing for bed the other night and this is what our bed looked like.  I looked at him and said, "When did this happen?"  We both had a good laugh and climbed in. They all re-adjust when I give the command, "Scoot!" There is no grumbling over the best spots, they just wiggle in and start snoring.

This is a king size bed, believe it or not. You wouldn't think five miniature schnauzers could take up that much room. I know some people imagine all kinds of germs and bugs you could get having an animal sleeping with you, but I have done it for years and haven't had any issues. I have found a tick on me once or twice, but I blame my husband for that.  He is a tick magnet.

Having them next to me at night is like having five teddy bears to hug and squeeze when I feel the need. I can identify all of them by touch in the dark, usually by the texture of their fur.

My husband is the one they wake up when they are ready to go outside in the morning. They will lick his bald head until he submits! They sometimes try to wake me, but I just turn my back to them and they know Mom is not ready to wake up and they better leave her alone. When I am ready, they take turns laying their head on my neck so I can kiss and pet on them. What a great way to start your morning!

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