Also answers to: Scoots, Toots, Tooter-Tooter, Stinky Boy

Scooter will turn 15 in a few months. We weren't looking for a dog when we came across Scooter at a flea market, but my husband fell in love with him and insisted we get him.  

Now if you were to ask hubby to tell you the story, he would tell you that it was me that made the fuss but I will let him have his masculine moment.

So this little tiny black mini schnauzer is what started the addiction.  He was such an easygoing little puppy, I couldn't understand why everyone said schnauzers are stubborn.  I soon learned that he was the exception.

Fast forward 14.5 years and Scooter gets around pretty well for a senior citizen. He did develop a pretty significant heart murmur that he must take meds for and the resulting heart enlargement will probably be what takes him from us.


  1. He doesn't have any gray whiskers in his beard yet. He is certainly a handsome boy.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Scooter has aged well. I like to think that taking really good care of him has kept him with us for so long. He takes his medicine with a dab of peanut butter and I also give him a glucosamine chew and a dab of coconut oil every day. He definitely is a handsome guy.


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