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Daisy is my three year old silver and black mini schnauzer girl. She has the most beautiful coat of all my schnauzers.  It is a light, almost white silver and her beard is black.  She has beautiful dark eyelashes and big black mesmerizing eyes.  

My best friend decided she wanted a mini schnauzer like my Bella so she contacted the same breeder in Strunk, Kentucky, and made arrangements to buy this beauty. Her coloring is a very highly desired color so she was quite a bit more expensive than a lot of the others.  

My friend had her for a couple of weeks and decided that the puppy experience was more challenging than she had thought and asked me if I would take her.  I really struggled with the decision because I did not want five dogs. My husband and I talked and talked and talked but I still could not say yes.  During a weak moment, I showed my husband a sample text that I was thinking of sending saying yes I would take her. He made the decision by hitting the send button.  So it was done.  I had a new puppy by that afternoon.

Daisy was a challenging puppy from day one.  She had a very bossy, aggressive attitude.  I thought after being a part of a five dog pack for a while, she would mellow out and blend right in.  Well, it didn't happen exactly as I had planned.  

She was dog reactive, stranger reactive and wanted to chase and nip ankles.  She nipped a jogger's ankle while on one of our beach vacations and I was totally mortified.  She even drew blood!  I assured him she had all her shots and promised him I would get her into an intensive training program when I got home. 

We sought out a local balanced trainer and got to work on behavior modification and obedience training. I work with her daily on her obedience and manners. I am always reading and researching ways to improve Daisy's issues. She has improved greatly and I am no longer afraid to take her anywhere. Her core personality is still there, but she and I have learned how to deal with the anxiety that causes her bad behavior.

I also need to add that Daisy is also a very loving and loyal dog. She loves her mamma fiercely and I have to be careful that she doesn't try to resource guard me from my other dogs.

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