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Abby is my six year old liver colored schnauzer. I was scrolling through my favorite breeder's Facebook pages one evening and fell in love with this little chocolate girl.  I knew that I wanted a brown schnauzer and I knew it wasn't a coincidence that I found her that evening. 

I told my husband that this little brown girl needed us and he sighed and said "go ahead" and we traveled to Strunk, Kentucky, that weekend to pick her up. 

Abby has a very unique personality.  She is my tiniest girl at 10 pounds and her coat is very wispy and a little wiry.  She has one ear that stands and one that bends which makes her all the more endearing. She is a little spitfire and very athletic. She has no problem jumping on any piece of furniture and keeps up with the two younger dogs with ease. She actually instigates a lot of the rough play.

Abby is not a cuddly dog, but she does love to be patted and kissed. She stiffens a little when you pick her up to cuddle her but she doesn't make a fuss about it.

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  1. My little guy is a liver as well. He is 11 pounds on his fat days. His name is Winston and he is 6 years old.


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