Schnauzer Memorials

Losing your pet can be just as hard as losing a family member. The loss of their unconditional love and affection is felt deeply. The connection between schnauzer parents is especially strong so I hope sharing your sweet baby's picture on this page will help heal your heart just a little.

(The pets' names are in alphabetical order.)

Apollo - 2015
Michelle Cohen

Help us O, God, to remember the good times with Apollo. Remind us to rejoice in the happy times he brought to our home. Let us be thankful for the good life we were blessed to give to him.

Beau - 2016
Lyn Richards

I miss my Beau Schnauzer so much. He rode my motorcycle with me, hence the doggles.

Champ - 2016
Mary Therese

Champ grew up with my three sons and was always part of the gang. The best thing I remember being said about him was a kindergarten picture with a teacher writing the sentiment of my youngest...My dog Champ is the champion of dogs.

4/1/2001 to 4/19/2017

Jack Martin

Rest in peace - I will always love you.

Cooper - 2016
Tori Bailes

I'm an office manager for a pipeline company.. he has traveled many miles to different states in his short 2 years.. I was blessed to be able to take him to work with me everyday.. he never met a stranger and always loved on everyone.. Everyone that met him, loved him.. employees/vendors would bring him treats.. I have 2 kids ages 21 and 18.. they loved their fur brother and he loved them..  We had just gotten back to Louisiana from working in Ohio on Saturday.. He crossed the rainbow bridge on Sunday.. when my kids came to see us, he was so overwhelmed with excitement! He was my third child and I miss him so much.. I will miss him being my little travel companion.. it will never be the same in the field offices where ever I may go.. RIP my sweet baby Cooper Mojo Bailes. September 7, 2014 to December 18, 2016.. 💔😢💔😢

Ellie - 2016
Cathie Conley

She was such a hoot and I miss her so much...

Flower - 2016
Kelley Weaver

Gone but not forgotten forever in our hearts...

Grace - 2016
Mandi Cae Bastian

She was so loved...

Christina Gusse

She had a wonderful life filled with joy and love. I was blessed with the best friend I could ask for. She was my shadow. She was born for me. My "Boo Boo". She will be so missed.

Sophie -2016
Kira - 2016
Wes McClintock

Kira: She was precious...If love could have saved her...she would have lived forever...and will in my broken heart.
Sophie: Her little life was far too short. She is playing with Kira in Heaven. 

Kirby - 2016
Karen Teff

We loved him every single day for the past 16 months. He brought us joy every day. We will miss him so much.

Libby - 2015
Stacey Hales Simmons

Forever in my heart...

Lovey - 2016
Jeanne Hutton

I sure named her right...she was the love of my life.

Lucky - 2016
Connie Kukielka

He was such a sweet natured boy...he was a blessing in my life.

Clockwise: Maddie - 2011, Sammie - 2014,
Abby - 2015, Dilly - 2015

Jill Christiansen


Malley - 2016
Mike Williams

Heaven just gained the happiest dog on earth...

Max - 2016
Lynn Stokes

I miss my Max so much. He loved sleeping under the tree. 1st Christmas without him...

Mia - Feb 18, 2017
Yadhyra Sabater

Gone too soon. She was so sweet, always giving love. She will be forever in my heart! We miss her everyday...

Molly - 2014
Jane Hinder

We miss her so much...she stole our heart...

Osito - 5/15/16
Eli Ch M

Patrick - 2002 to 2016
Mimi Mazzara

Pepper - 2014
Terry Sledgister

He consoled us through the loss of four parents. Miss him every day... 

Pepper - 2016
Jacques N Lynette Ubsdell

No longer by our side, but forever in our hearts...
Pookie - 2016
Vicky Canterbury

She was our angel, our perfect princess.

Ms. Randi - 2002 to 2015
Mimi Mazzara

Rolf - 2/20/17
Kevin Knott

Romeo - 2016
Sheila Maldonado

All he wanted was love...

Samantha Jane - 2002
Jeff Edwards

There has not been one day since that I haven't thought about her and missed her...

Sandy - 2016
Jeanne Hutton

My little velcro girl...miss my little cuddle girl with all my heart...

Sasha - 2002 to 2017
Donna Maes

I miss and love her, she was my shadow.

Shaggy - 4/22/17
Silvia Garza Richardson

My heart aches for him every day...

Triggs - 2016
Leatha Rhodes

Missing my little man so much even though I had you for 16 years, it still wasn't long enough....He was the joy of my life and I miss my Triggyboo...He was a special lil guy.

Worf - 2011
Dawn Middlestead

Not a day passes that he is not in my thoughts. He will be forever in my heart...

Zeus - 2016 
Dawn Middlestead

My beautiful boy...

XOL - 2016
Eliza Avila

My schnauzer had my heart. He was my friend, companion and also my confidant. He lives forever in my heart.



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