Also answers to: Carly Sue & Fat Puppy

Carly is my four year old gentle giant. She is larger than my other mini's at 24 pounds.  She is the most calm and laid back schnauzer I have ever known. 

Looking at the breeder's Facebook page one evening, something about Carly's eyes pulled me in.  I was a little afraid to mention this to my husband, but he just smiled, shook his head and said, "When do you want to go pick her up?"

Carly's favorite things to do is to snuggle as close to you as she can get and playing with her two younger sisters. Carly usually enjoys playing the "victim" which means she rolls around on her back while they bite her and growl.  Occasionally, she will take off like a bullet, running around the yard, daring the others to chase her.  This is a game that is enjoyed greatly by the youngest three.

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