Monday, August 1, 2016

Schnauzer Monitoring

I wanted to share a couple of pieces of technology that we use to keep tabs on our babies when we are away from the house or away from our motorhome when traveling.

1. Piper - This is a camera that we can check on the pups from a phone app. We have a great visual of the living room where they all sleep while we are gone.  It also has two way audio so I can actually talk to them through a microphone in the unit. If I check on them and they are howling, etc, I simply talk to them through the app and tell them to hush! Sometimes I just log in to let them know mommy will be home soon.  The unit actually has other features like a motion detector, loud noise detector, alarm, etc.  We mainly use it to keep an eye on the dogs since we already have an alarm system at our house. Here is a snapshot I took last night when we were driving home:

They were watching for us to pull up in the driveway.

2. Animalarm - We use this unit in our motorhome.  I have always worried what would happen if the electricity went out or if our air conditioner suddenly stopped working while we were out on a day trip. This unit monitors the temperature and sends me a text if it rises above a setting I choose.  I can also text the unit and it sends me back a report with the current temperature. This gives me so much peace of mind while we are traveling.
I have actually put the Piper camera in the motorhome when we were going on an extended vacation and it works very well too.

If you are a worry wart like me, these two pieces of equipment are well worth the money for the peace of mind they give you.

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